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"Wall Clock"

Prop Mesh

"Wall Clock" Prop Mesh

Here is a replica of a clock that hangs on my wall. I wanted to try out a new software with this one, the original Quixel Suite. I took a few artist liberties with this model, such as brass numbers and more texture to the body of the clock. All in all, I love Quixel's original app. Initially I created 4K textures for this object but stuck with 2K for a more realistic texel density in respect to modern video game texel densities. Per my geekiness, I added an "easter egg" and paid homage to a certain video game which requires changing a clock's time to obtain a tool. Can anyone spot it?

Maya - Quixel - Photoshop

4350 Tris

2K Diff/Norm/Spec/Gloss

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