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Fallout NV Weapon Fan Art

"Codac-R9000" Fallout 3 Weapon Fan Art

One of the models I created as a part of a collaboration called the "Fallout Project" between a handful of 3D Artists on DeviantArt. This is a model of the Codac R9000 "weapon" used in Fallout New Vegas. Being an avid photographer, I decided to model the camera "weapon" from FONV, the "Codac-R9000." Originally, I decided on making most of my models in two forms: clean, and grungy. As I have found out, the grungy versions usually have more character to them than the clean versions, so I decided to stick with only the grungy versions for display.

Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian.

Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel.


Maya - 3DS Max - Photoshop - CrazyBump

4346 Tris

2K Diff/Norm/Spec

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