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"Motorola Droid X"

Smartphone Replica Mesh

"Motorola Droid X" Smartphone Replica Mesh

As a part of my move forwards towards better quality in my low-poly 3D meshes, I decided to model my phone at the time, my DroidX. I started with the high-poly as just a "play around" really, and built the low-poly from that. I baked the high-poly onto the low, and BAM! Got the normal map. All in all, I believe this model turned out well for such a low-poly model.


Original phone design © Motorola Mobility Inc.

Mesh/Texture by Shiloh Steinhebel.

Maya - Photoshop - 3DS Max - CrazyBump
148 Tris

2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal/Emissive

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