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"Bio-Interface Tactical Platform AB-101X"

Sci-Fi Weapon Concept Mesh

"Bio-Interface Tactical Platform AB-101X" - Sci-Fi Weapon Concept Mesh

I started with an ink blob to develop this concept, something I learned in my concept development class in college. From the original, organic-looking concept I developed the current, futuristic and tactical looking design seen here. Equipped with multiple weapons and sensor systems including energy and projectile capabilities, this platform can be modified to fit the role needed. This design incorporates a blade for CQC, a hand-guard for blocking capabilities, and is setup for left-hand mounting. The device interfaces with a patch and port that is surgically implanted onto the operators off-hand and connected to a computer system implanted in the base of the neck, then to the brain of the wearer. This allows for near-instantaneous reactions with the device and allows to be controlled with the brain alone. In case of brain-connection failure, a touch-screen interface is equipped, which can be switched from left to right hand use. The interface cable is reinforced with titanium and Kevlar and is designed to be wrapped around the operators arm before connecting to the arm port on one end and to the device on the other. While developing this weapon, I developed a company that manufactured the weapon called Bohmar Arms, and this is the model AB-101X. Once I finished learning the Substance Painter program, I decided to complete this project since I started a while ago and wanted to fully realize this concept in 3D. Additionally, this project furthered my push into the PBR workflow.

Maya - Substance - Photoshop

18690 Tris

4K Alb/Norm/Met/Rough/Emit

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