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"Railway Rifle"

Fallout 3 Weapon Fan Art

"Railway Rifle" Fallout 3 Weapon Fan Art

As I was going to model the steam gauge assembly from FO3, I remembered one of the weapons that could be built from random parts found in the wasteland; the Railway Rifle. I figured, "Why not kill two birds with one stone?" So I created this weapon, which uses a steam gauge assembly for the barrel/receiver of the weapon. I never completed a grungy version since this weapon was made near the end of the project's existence, though the original weapon in-game was decently rusty as it was. So I just called this one the "Mil-Spec" version.


Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian.

Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel.


Maya - 3DS Max - Photoshop - CrazyBump

5869 Tris

2K Diff/Norm/Spec

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