"Speedy Scooter Cushman Scooter"

High-Poly Vehicle Prop

"Speedy Scooter Cushman Scooter" - High-Poly Vehicle Prop

Scrolling through Instagram I come across this photo of a rusty little scooter, and despite my distaste for motorcycles/scooters and the like, this thing stuck with me for a while. Researching this scooter, it turns out it is a 1950 Cushman Model 62 Turtleback Step-through scooter. I grabbed tons of reference and started in on it. Many nights of work, tears, depression, fights with ADHD, and lost sleep on this project finally resulted in this piece.

Original reference image retrieved from Mecum.com at:


Maya - Substance - Photoshop - Marmoset - UE5

26.31M Tris

2K/1K/512 Alb/Norm/Met/Rough