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Switchblade Knife Concept Mesh

"Aegis" Switchblade Knife Concept Mesh

Recently I updated this piece with PBR materials and a new Unreal Engine 5 render. Updates include a proper high-poly bake, materials in Substance Painter, increased poly count, and larger texture resolution. I've included a before/after image below

after this description.

I had a dream a while back about going back in time 80 years and helping a group of vagrant children repair a large old shack to live in. In this dream I had with me a few modern accoutrements such as my DroidX phone, my iPod, my Leatherman multi-tool and a switchblade with a peculiar shape to the handle. The dreams content was profound and the design of that knife was as well. So I decided to draw out a sketch of the design, drawing it by hand. I love the design of this knife, but I do not think the handle's ergonomics are particularly comfortable for everyday use. But due to it's large and fat grip, it would give excellent gripping purchase in use as a self-defense tool. The design of this item is of my own design. I have never seen a knife of this design in the 10 years I spend in the cutlery industry. As I developed the texture for this knife I also created a fictional manufacturing company for the knife, called Bohmar Cutlery.


Maya - Photoshop - Substance - Marmoset - UE5

8323 Tris

4K Alb/Norm/Rough/Metal 

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