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"J'Poki - Novacrusher"

Sword Concept Mesh

"J'Poki - Novacrusher" - Sword Concept Mesh

I developed a sword concept based on a signature of an artist I saw on DeviantArt. The artist calling herself Nira, it was an image signature featuring a character named Artemisa with a large crescent behind the character. This was the inspiration for this piece, being a sword of the stars. I named this sword J'Poki as its formal name, but being informally known as the Novacrusher. Developing this piece into a world I wrote in high-school, it has a stone at the end of one of it's chains called the Tytanstone, named Tryptich formally. The sword blade is damascus in nature, and houses a fallen rock from space at the end of the tang. The original design was supposed to have rabbit's-feet-like dongles but I decided for a more humane item that fit better into the design. This piece proved to be a challenge as I downloaded Substance Painter and taught myself how to use the program to texture this piece in completely.


Maya - Substance

12655 Tris

2K Alb/Norm/Met/Rough/Emit

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