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"That Gun"

Fallout 3 Weapon Fan Art

"That Gun" Fallout 3 Weapon Fan Art

I was asked by a fellow 3D artist on DeviantArt to participate in a collaboration of other 3D artists in a project called the "Fallout Project." In this project, we were to re-create some props found in the Fallout genre and place them all together in a completed scene. Using screenshots from Fallout NV I decided to first create "That Gun," as it is reminiscent of Deckard's pistol from Blade Runner. I modeled it, textured it, and decided to give it a bit more flair that the original texture found in the game. As this is found in a post-apocalyptic game, I decided more rust/dirt/scratches were in order. So I added them, and this is the result. After completing this model I noticed the poly count on this mesh as having the numbers "556" in easter egg homage to the original weapon the original Fallout as being called "5.56 pistol", as that was the ammunition used in the weapon, 5.56x45mm. The last image in this set displays this model’s diminutive location in the Fallout Project’s final scene.


Original weapon design © Bethesda / Obsidian.

Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel


Maya - 3DS Max - Photoshop - CrazyBump

2556 Tris

2K Diff/Norm/Spec/Emit

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